Who are we?

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Renee Williams

I grew up in Woodside, Queens and was thrilled when I found my house on Queens Avenue in Elmont 10 years ago! I have two children--Nigel, 17 years old, and Gabriella 13 years old. Both children graduated Dutch Broadway and moved onto Elmont Memorial. I have been involved with the PTA for years but more so in the elementary school level. My goal is to get involved again because if we do not speak up for ourselves, then who will?


Activism was always part of my upbringing. When young, I watched my mother bring the Guardian Angels to our neighborhood to clean up the crack houses in the 80s. In high school, I joined activist groups and walked the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall many times to demand change. As an educator now, I feel that it is my duty to be fully aware of the scope of social justice issues at school and collaborate on an action plan to immediately address the problems. 


The silver living in this multi-layered pandemic was the unity stimulated and urgency for change in our community. I found other like-minded action-oriented folks like myself, and we decided to commit to improving the quality of life in community--our home, our community, our Elmont!


Sarah Campbell

Originally from California, I’ve made my home in North Valley Stream for the past 10 years with my husband and our 3 children attending Alden Terrace & Elmont Memorial High School.  


I am pro business, have been a Co-Troop leader in Girl Scouts and a Club Director at LI Knights VBC.


Volleyball started my path to awareness of how much less Elmont/North Valley Stream has to  offer our kids, like affordable sports that would allow experience in traveling and competing at high levels.  


I want opportunities for our kids to grow as contributing members of our community and develop them as leaders.

I want real change.  

I want to be of service.


Elmont Strong is a platform that welcomes everyone to be a part of this growing movement, because it takes a village.


Rachelle Lewis

I moved to Elmont in 2004 from Brooklyn where I was born and raised. My family instilled in us that the keys to a successful life is our faith, education, being a good person and staying together as a family. I majored in business and accounting and graduated locally from Borough of Manhattan Community College and Medgar Evers College. I got married to the boyfriend from high school and moved to Elmont. While raising our three children we have had a wonderful opportunity to become part of the community. As a member of various PTA boards within the district, I can tell you my passion is the children of Elmont.


When New York was deemed the epicenter of COVID 19 in March and we were all sheltering at home, I was given an opportunity like everyone else to be still. I was grateful for the health of most of our family and friends while mourning losses of others. I also became more aware of what was missing.


When the murder of George Floyd happened and everyone saw the disregard for a black man life, I was disgusted and annoyed with myself for not using what I had to do better.i asked why do we preach to our kids the importance of education and community service if we are not using it. Using our resources, hands, voices and votes. That is when I became Elmont Strong!


I believe that we all play a part in doing the right thing. We need to continue to hold elected, hired or volunteered persons accountable for doing only the best for Elmont and treating us like all other Long Island Communities. Lastly, we need to stand together and hold ourselves accountable. What good is obtaining an education or joining any organization if we do not use it to benefit our community.